Stair profile ZET

Stair profile ZET


This profile protects the edges of stair steps covered with ceramic tiles. Its grooved surface creates anti-skidding protection.



Nr kat.
Кат. №
Cat. No
ilosc w kartonieilosc w paczce
Aluminium naturalne / Естественный алюминий / Natural aluminium / Natürliches Aluminium
Nsrebrny N8032081,0 m1040
8032222,0 m1040
8032392,5 m1040
8032463,0 m1040
Aluminium polerowane / Полированный алюминий / Polished aluminium / Poliertes Aluminium
Psrebrny P8032842,5 m1040
Aluminium anodowane* / Анодированный алюминий* / Anodised aluminium* / Anodisiertes Aluminium*
c-0srebrny C-08033071,0 m1040
8033212,0 m1040
8033382,5 m1040
8033453,0 m1040
C-23złoty C-238033521,0 m1040
8033832,5 m1010
8033903,0 m1040
C-32szampan C-328094222,0 m1040
8985322,5 m1040
Mosiądz naturalny / Естественная латунь / Natural brass / Natürliches Messing
Nzłoty N8132071,0 m1020
8132212,0 m1020
8132382,5 m1020
8132453,0 m1020
Mosiądz chromowany** / Хромированная латунь** / Chrome brass** / Verchromtes Messing**
chsrebrny CH8132761,0 m1020
8132832,0 m1020
Mosiądz polerowany / Полированная латунь / Polished brass / Poliertes Messing
Pzłoty P8133372,5 m1020
** Individual realization leadtime

Cezar Production Company

is a family company with solid tradition and multi-year experience.

Product portfolio includes among others:

  • skirting boards (made from PVC, MDF, solid wood, polystyrene, aluminum),
  • laminated floor panels,
  • underlays for floorings (XPS, PE, defibrated wood, natural cork)
  • carpeting trims,
  • profiles for ceramic tiles and terracotta,
  • profiles for wood walls,
  • wall panels, PVC soffit
  • stairs nosing, door step trim, T-joint, transition and decorative profiles,
  • standard and construction profiles.

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