Laminated ALU narrow push-in strip LW 30

Laminated ALU narrow push-in strip LW 30


These strips allow for an exceptionally esthetic finish of connections between various floor surfaces. They are an ideal solution for connecting fitted carpets with parquet floor or terracotta tiles, especially as they level out possible difference of levels. The unquestionable advantage of these strips is an invisible method of mounting to the base. This strip is covered with very durable laminate with high level of tear resistance.


Nr kat.
Кат. №
Cat. No
ilosc w kartonie
Aluminium laminowane / Ламинированный алюминий / Laminated aluminium / Laminiertes Aluminium
MM8711151,0 m16
8712142,0 m10
8724022,7 m10
DD8710160,9 m16
8711221,0 m16
8714121,8 m10
8712212,0 m10
8724192,7 m10
8713203,0 m10
BB8710230,9 m16
8711391,0 m16
8714291,8 m10
8712382,0 m10
8724262,7 m10
8713373,0 m10
JJ8713513,0 m10
OO8710540,9 m16
8711601,0 m16
8714501,8 m10
8712692,0 m10
DRDR8710780,9 m16
8711841,0 m16
8714741,8 m10
8712832,0 m10
8724332,7 m10
8713823,0 m10
RR8710920,9 m16
8711911,0 m16
8714981,8 m10
8712902,0 m10
8725942,7 m10
8713993,0 m10
RCRC8568080,9 m16
8568151,8 m10
8725632,7 m10
RZRZ8006890,9 m16
8725011,8 m10
8724712,7 m10
T1T8004500,9 m16
8017091,8 m10
8724952,7 m10
V1V8017160,9 m16
8017471,8 m10
8724882,7 m10
DBDB8919530,9 m16
8919601,8 m10
8927762,7 m10
DGDG8934520,9 m16
8934691,8 m10
8977192,7 m10
DSDS8919770,9 m16
8850991,0 m10
8919841,8 m10
8851052,0 m10
8881682,7 m10
8885713,0 m10
DWDW8934760,9 m16
8934831,8 m10
8956782,7 m10
dab-jasnyDJ8606830,9 m16
8607201,8 m10
8607682,7 m10
dab-naturalnyDN8606900,9 m16
8607371,8 m10
8607752,7 m10
dab-palonyDP8607060,9 m16
8607441,8 m10
8607822,7 m10
dab-zlotyDZ8607130,9 m16
8607511,8 m10
8607992,7 m10
Dab-CanyonDC8007330,9 m16
8007401,8 m10
8007952,7 m10
Dab-HamiltonDH8008180,9 m16
8008561,8 m10
8008872,7 m10
Swierk-RosarioSR8012110,9 m16
8012591,8 m10
8012732,7 m10
Dab-AveroDO8009170,9 m16
8009241,8 m10
8010132,7 m10
Dab-VerdenDV8010510,9 m16
8010751,8 m10
8011982,7 m10

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Product portfolio includes among others:

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  • laminated floor panels,
  • underlays for floorings (XPS, PE, defibrated wood, natural cork)
  • carpeting trims,
  • profiles for ceramic tiles and terracotta,
  • profiles for wood walls,
  • wall panels, PVC soffit
  • stairs nosing, door step trim, T-joint, transition and decorative profiles,
  • standard and construction profiles.

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